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Phil Rice's Method For The Banjo - 1858 (ukulele tablature)

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For the first time ever in tablature, the complete set of 64 instrumental solos from Phil Rice's Method For The Banjo from 1858! I have very meticulously transcribed every note of every instrumental solo and arranged it for all re-entrant ukuleles to play. With re-entrant tuning, this means that the strings aren’t tuned lowest to highest like on a guitar. Most ukuleles that you see are strung and tuned like this by default with the lowest pitched string being the third string of the instrument. If you have a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele, you generally need to buy a special set of low G ukulele strings to get non re-entrant tuning. The 5-string banjo is also a re-entrant instrument which is something that makes these work on ukulele so well. 64 mp3s are included to help you learn the tunes. Enter a 0 in the price box if you'd like to download this for free! Donations are always appreciated too! :)

Song list:

  • Juba, A Jig Dance
  • Where Did You Come From?
  • Do Mr. Boker Do
  • Hurrah For Hard Times
  • Green Corn
  • Rattlesnake Jig or Hoop De Dooden Doo
  • Jump Into The Wagon
  • Oh, Come Along John
  • Buckley’s Banjo Jig
  • To The Other Side Of Jordan
  • Hear Him, Johnny, Hear Him!
  • Oh, Sally Is The Gal For Me
  • Rob Ridley
  • Root Hog Or Die
  • Down In Alabama
  • Gettin’ Up Stairs
  • Picayune Butler’s Comin’ To Town
  • Bobbin’ Around
  • White Cat Or Black Cat
  • Hannah, Hannah, Where You Going?
  • I’m Off For Nicaragua
  • Machine Poetry
  • United States, It Is The Place
  • Oh, The Law Gals
  • Oh, What’s The Matter Suse Ann?
  • Somebody’s In The House With Dinah
  • So Glad Dinah Left Me
  • Don’t Mind Steven
  • The Ole Grey Goose
  • Oh, Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done
  • Darling Nelly Gray
  • Oh, Ladies All!
  • That’s So And You’d Better Believe It
  • Sandy Boy
  • Hi! Ho! The Charleston Gals
  • Go Away, Jenny
  • Get Away, Gumbo, Sound Your Horn
  • Where’s That Man?
  • Sam Johnson’s Reel
  • Devil’s Dream
  • What’s Going On?
  • Phil Rice’s Excelsior Jig
  • Come Shine Out, Peggy
  • Whoop Jamboree
  • Oh John, Did You Ever See My Daughter Sally?
  • The Old Gander
  • Rise Old Napper
  • Mrs. McCloud’s Reel
  • Set ‘em Up John
  • Come Day, Go Day
  • Power Of Music, as executed by Tom Briggs
  • John Diamond Walk Around
  • Grape Vine Twist
  • Oh, Bring Along The Gal
  • Old Virginny Jig
  • Mr. Brown
  • Snap, Flip, Toodleum, Dee
  • The Lady’s Jig
  • Buckley’s Walk Round
  • Essence Of Old Virginia Dance
  • Dick Sliter’s Reel
  • Buckley’s Best Reel
  • Unsworth’s New Jig
  • Walk Around

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Phil Rice's Method For The Banjo - 1858 (ukulele tablature)

6 ratings
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