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Welcome to Kyle's Banjo Club! On the first of every month, I will email you ten tunes in tablature along with a brief introduction for the month's selections. Most of my banjo tabs are for 5-string banjo in G, C, no bass, G minor, or sawmill tuning. I'll be sure to include pieces in a variety of skill levels each month. Every tune is presented in clear, easy-to-read tablature. All of the current month's titles are listed below.

As a banjo club member, you'll get exclusive arrangements and transcriptions available nowhere else. Many pieces are from the early American banjo books from the 19th century. I also have quite a few traditional folk tunes that I've arranged for 5-string banjo. You can get past issues from the club at this link:

This club is free and open to everyone. If you would like access to the mp3s of the tunes, you can join the audio tier with a donation of $2 or more. If you need any help with any of the tunes, have feedback, or any requests, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please visit for all of my socials and contact info. 



Selections for June 2024:

  • Rainbow Schottische (1865, New & Complete Method for the Banjo, C)
  • Sunrise Reel (1886, Converse's Analytical Banjo Method, C)
  • Sunnyside Hornpipe (1886, Converse's Analytical Banjo Method, C)
  • June Roses Polka (1887, Stewart's Banjo & Guitar Journal, F.L Raymond, duet)
  • Dancing Sunbeams (1924, The Improved Paramount Method for Banjo, Fred J. Bacon, C)
  • Scale Practice in Different Positions (1924, The Improved Paramount Method for Banjo, Fred J. Bacon, C)
  • Summer Evening (1903, O'Neill's Music of Ireland, G)*
  • The Sunrise (1903, O'Neill's Music of Ireland, G)*
  • Det hendte sig i Sommer (It happened in summer, Norwegian folk tune, G)*
  • How To Excel On The Banjo - Part 3, Exercise 40 (1926, Emile Grimshaw, C)

VIP Lounge:

  • On The Sunny Side Of The Street (1930, BMG Magazine, Emile Grimshaw, plectrum banjo)
  • A Summer's Dream Waltz (1894, Stewart's Banjo & Guitar Journal, G.T. Morey)
  • The Summer Girl (1918, The Cadenza, A.J. Weidt duet)

*indicates an original arrangement or composition of mine

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Kyle's Banjo Club

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