Emile Grimshaw - How To Excel On The Banjo (Part 1) - Banjo Tablature

Kyle Gray Young
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How To Excel On The Banjo was originally published in 1926. Emile Grimshaw was one of the world's leading experts on fretted stringed instruments. He wrote numerous method books and compositions throughout his life for 5-string banjo, plectrum banjo, tenor banjo, guitar, and mandolin. For this collection, it epitomizes what we now refer to as "classic banjo". It is meant to be played fingerstyle, or even guitar style as it was called back in the day. For the first time ever, the first part of this book has been entabulated. I believe it makes the music more accessible to more banjoists. And in today's world of different tunings on banjo, tablature is absolutely essential in my opinion. If one wishes to excel on banjo, here's your chance!

Your purchase will come with one PDF, 11 pages long, with wonderful, easy to read tablature. There will also be a folder of mp3s. These are computer renditions of each tune at Mr. Grimshaw's suggested tempo. The mp3s should be valuable in learning how each tune should sound.

All 17 of these exercises are in C tuning. If you're in standard G tuning, just lower your 4th string down a whole step to C. This was the most common tuning at the time of original publication.

Your purchase will help support Kyle's Banjo Club so it can remain free and available to everyone who wishes to learn new banjo tunes. Let me know if you're interested in part two of this book!

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Emile Grimshaw - How To Excel On The Banjo (Part 1) - Banjo Tablature

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