Ancestral Melodies - Finnish Folk Tunes (guitar tabs/sheet music)

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Here's a wonderful new collection of Finnish folk tunes arranged for fingerstyle guitar! There are 25 traditional tunes included from all over Finland. I've presented these in standard notation along with tablature. This is one book in a series along with piano, ukulele, baritone ukulele, 5-string banjo, and treble clef lead sheets that all make up the Ancestral Melodies collection. There's a companion album you can download for free as well!

Song list:

Kalevan Ystävä (Kaleva’s Friend)

Pois Minä Lähden (I Will Depart)

Pullon Punssia (A Bottle Of Punch)

Kevään Tullen Katosi (It Vanished When The Spring Came)

Nuori Ja Iloinen (Young And Happy)

Purppuri Polska (Potpourri Polka)

Kokkolan Polska (Kokkola’s Polka)

Olen Puolisotta (I Am Without A Spouse)

Hän Lauleli Ja Soitti (She Sang And Played)

Minä Olen Yksi Nuori Meripoika (I Am A Young Sailor)

Pikkuinen Lintu (Little Bird)

Taaskin Tulee Kylmä Talvi (The Cold Winter Comes Again)

Kun Idästä Sataa Lunta (When It Snows From The East)

Kivilinnassa (In A Stone Castle)

Hempua (Wiggle)

Kun Sinä Olet Rakastanut Minua (When You Have Loved Me)

Mitä Suru Tekee Nuorelle Sydämelle (What Sadness Does To The Young Heart)

Heilani, Heilani! (My Sweetheart, My Sweetheart!)

Kullan Ylistys (Praise Of A Beloved One)

Morsiamen Lähtö Polska (The Bride’s Departure Polka)

Soskaa (Pacifier)

Pirun Polska (The Devil’s Polka)

Nummisen Polska (Numminen’s Polka)

Kahven Tilkka (A Drop Of Coffee)

Pietarsaarelaista (The People Of Jakobstad)

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Ancestral Melodies - Finnish Folk Tunes (guitar tabs/sheet music)

2 ratings
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