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20 tunes from Buckley's Guide For The Banjo, 1868 (5-string banjo tabs)

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Here are 20 tunes from Buckley's Guide For The Banjo from 1868! These are presented in the finest tablature for your playing pleasure. The original book was published in standard notation for a lower tuning. I have transposed these a minor third up from the original book so they sit perfectly on a modern banjo in C tuning (gCGBD) or G tuning (gDGBD). These are a delight to play and come in a mix of stroke style as well as guitar style. Stroke style is very much like what we call clawhammer today. Guitar style is very much like classical guitar or fingerstyle playing. Here is the list of titles included:

  • When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home (duet)
  • Clog Hornpipe
  • Pat Maloy's Jig
  • Ladies In De Parlor
  • Turn Up Jack (Jig)
  • Charleston Gals
  • Picayune Butler
  • Darling Nelly Gray
  • Tenpenny Bit
  • Sugar In De Gourd
  • Pea Nut Girl
  • Varginny Tobacco Plant
  • Contraband Jig
  • Aunt Dinah's Sauce Pan
  • Scotch Jig
  • May-Flower Schottische
  • Don't You Hear De Bulgine
  • G. Swain Buckley's Celebrated Minor Jig
  • Viva La America
  • Spalding's Jigs (No. 1 - 5)

There are also two bonus guitar arrangements of Darling Nelly Gray based on the original banjo arrangement from this book. There is also a folder of mp3s of my computer playing back each tune so you can hear how they sound while you're learning them. I hope you enjoy playing these!


Version 2, 9/24/22, 10 new songs plus mp3s added

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20 tunes from Buckley's Guide For The Banjo, 1868 (5-string banjo tabs)

2 ratings
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