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Buckley's New Banjo Method - 1860 (ukulele tablature)

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For the first time ever in tablature, 30 instrumental solos from Buckley's New Banjo Method from 1860! I very meticulously transcribed 30 instrumental solos and arranged them for all re-entrant ukuleles to play. With re-entrant tuning, this means that the strings aren’t tuned lowest to highest like on a guitar. Most ukuleles that you see are strung and tuned like this by default with the lowest pitched string being the third string of the instrument. If you have a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele, you generally need to buy a special set of low G ukulele strings to get non re-entrant tuning. The 5-string banjo is also a re-entrant instrument which is something that makes these work on ukulele so well. I've also included a complete transcription of the instructions for how to play the banjo from the original book. There is an 11 page introduction with information about James Buckley, a brief history of the banjo, and my own personal observations and things that I learned while researching this project. Enter a 0 in the price box if you'd like to download this for free! :)

Song list:

  • Leavitt’s Jig
  • The Bell Jig
  • Solo Variations On Positions
  • Bryant’s Jig
  • Rattlesnake Jig
  • Boston Jig
  • Joe Sweeney’s Jig
  • Fairy Dance
  • Prince’s Jig
  • Harper’s Jig
  • Philadelphia Walk-around
  • Whelpley’s Jig
  • Hobson’s Jig
  • Raccoon Jig
  • Clark’s Waltz
  • Money Musk Reel
  • Unsworth’s Giggle Toot
  • I’m Off For Brighton
  • Ninth Avenue Jig
  • Deacon Buckley’s Jig
  • Buckley’s Copenhagen Reel
  • Old Dan Emmett’s Waltz
  • Leavitt’s Irish Jig
  • The Poor Wandering Boy
  • The Selim Smiter
  • Firemen’s Jig
  • The Sanford Jig
  • Aunt Sally’s Jig
  • Phil Isaac’s Jig
  • Jake Bacchus’ Reel

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Buckley's New Banjo Method - 1860 (ukulele tablature)

5 ratings
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