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Briggs' Banjo Instructor - 1855 (banjo tablature)

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For the first time ever in tablature, the complete set of 56 instrumental solos from Briggs' Banjo Instructor from 1855! This is the world's first banjo tutor ever printed. I have very meticulously transcribed every note of every instrumental solo and entabulated it for all 5-string banjos to play. When this book was printed, the banjo was tuned much lower and players read treble clef notation for the music. With this new tablature edition, anyone with a 5-string banjo can play it whether you're in a lower tuning for minstrel-style banjo playing or in modern C tuning. I've also included a complete transcription of the instructions for how to play the banjo from the original book. There is an 11 page introduction with information about Tom Briggs, a brief history of the banjo, and my own personal observations and things that I learned while researching this project. Enter a 0 in the price box if you'd like to download this for free! :)

Song list:

  • Mary Blane
  • Old Dan Tucker
  • Dandy Jim
  • Old Jim's Polka
  • Dance, Boatman, Dance
  • Lucy Neal
  • Get Up In The Mornin'
  • Miss Lucy Long
  • O! Lud Gals
  • Rosa Lee
  • Old Johnny Boker
  • The Bones In The Barn Yard
  • Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
  • Who's That Knockin' At The Door
  • Dearest Mae
  • Old Dinah's Goin' To Town
  • Old King Crow
  • O! Pray Goody
  • Briggs' Reel
  • Ephraim's Lament
  • Walk Along John
  • Sebastopol Breakdown
  • Briggs' Corn Schucking Jig
  • Circus Jig
  • Camptown Hornpipe
  • Old 76 Reel
  • Lucy Long Polka
  • Walk Into The Parlor Jig
  • Money Musk
  • This Side Of Jordan (G and C tunings)
  • Fisher's Hornpipe (G and C tunings)
  • Philadelphia Reel
  • Carney Jig
  • Hard Times
  • Kick Up The Devil On A Holiday
  • Ethiopian Cracovienne
  • The Congo Prince Jig
  • Briggs' Jig
  • Briggs' Breakdown
  • Never Do To Give It Up So
  • Gentleman From The South
  • The Gal With The Blue Dress On
  • Turkey In The Straw
  • Jim Crack Corn
  • Going Over The Mountains
  • Alabama Joe
  • Old Joe
  • Spanish Gallopade
  • Jim Along Josey
  • India Rubber Overcoat
  • Pitch Burgundy Plaster (G and C tunings)
  • Keemo Kimo
  • Yankee Doodle
  • Jordan Is A Hard Road
  • Pop Goes The Weasel
  • Wait For The Wagon

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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Briggs' Banjo Instructor - 1855 (banjo tablature)

15 ratings
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