BMG Magazine - Plectrum Guitar Tablature (1920s-1970s guitar tabs)

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BMG Magazine - Plectrum Guitar Tablature (1920s-1970s guitar tabs)

Kyle Gray Young
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BMG Magazine was started in 1903 by Clifford Essex in London, England. They specialized in articles and sheet music for banjo, mandolin, and guitar, hence the initials BMG. They began publishing solos for plectrum guitar in 1928 and by 1930, a new plectrum guitar solo appeared almost every month. From the 1920s through the 1970s, there are about 400 plectrum guitar solos and duets. I'm steadily making my way through entabulating these to present them to a new audience today. The difficulty on these is intermediate and up. For version two of this eBook, there are 40 different tunes presented in standard notation and tablature. They span from the earliest plectrum tunes in the late 1920s through the mid 1970s.

There is one PDF containing all 40 solos plus some introductory notes that I wrote. A few pages of tablature explanations and examples are also included. I also have a folder containing individual PDFs of each tune. You'll also find a folder of MP3s of my computer playing these back for your reference while you're learning the tunes. You're welcome to download any or all of these items to your computer to keep forever. You can also access them anytime in your Gumroad library.

As I get more tabs prepared, I will update this eBook. If you purchase this eBook now, you will get free updates for life!

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That’s My Weakness Now
December, 1928 - composed by Bud Green & Sam H. Stept, arranged by Emile Grimshaw

Excuse Me Lady
December, 1929 - composed by Edgar Leslie, Jos. Geo. Gilbert, & Horatio Nicholls; arranged by Emile Grimshaw


Silv’ry Moon
June, 1930 - composed by Al Frazzini, arranged by Emile Grimshaw

On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Click for a free sample!)
October, 1930 - composed by Jimmy McHugh, arranged by Syd Vernon

I Found You
December, 1931 - composed by Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell, & Reg Connely; arranged by Emile Grimshaw

Reverie Blues
July, 1932 - composed by R.A. Bradfield

Tell Me With A Love Song
August, 1932 - composed by Harold Arlen, arranged by Emile Grimshaw

Same Old Moon
December, 1932 - composed by Billy Baskette, arranged by Emile Grimshaw

I’ve Got The World On A String (Click for a free sample!)
September, 1933 - composed by Harold Arlen, arranged by Bert Bassett

May, 1934 - composed by Harry Akst, arranged by Geoff Sisley

December, 1934 - composed by Geoff Sisley

What A Diff'rence A Day Made (Click for a free sample!)
February, 1935 - composed by Maria Grever, arranged by Louis Gallo

Lazy Rhythm
October, 1935 - composed by Bert Bassett, arranged by Geoff Sisley

One Out Of The Bag
March, 1936 - composed by Wally Hadley

April, 1936 - composed by Terry Usher

Only A Stone’s Throw From Heaven
July, 1936 - composed by Alan Linden, Pat Patterson, & Allan Ingram; arranged by Bert Bassett

December, 1936 - composed by Hoagy Carmichael, arranged by Terry Usher & Charlie Scott

Harbour Lights
May, 1937 - composed by Jimmy Kennedy & Hugh Williams, arranged by Ray Baillie 

June, 1939 - composed by Harry Volpe

Skeleton Dance
September, 1939 - composed by Harry Volpe


I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
June, 1940 - composed by Jimmy McHugh, arranged by Arthur Ingham

Dainty Steps
December, 1940 - composed by Harry Volpe

April, 1941 - composed by A. de Vékey

Burmese Twilight (Click for a free sample!)
May, 1941 - composed by L. Green

Summer Evening
March, 1942 - composed by J.F. Treadgold

May, 1944 - composed by Allan Hodgkiss

Quiet Mood
July, 1945 - composed by L.H. Spickernell

Dreaming (Click for a free sample!)
December, 1948 - composed by L.H. Spickernell


September, 1952 - composed by Louis Gallo

Beautiful Dreamer
April, 1953 - composed by Stephen Foster, arranged by Vince Miller

Modern Mood
April, 1957 - composed by Derek Phillips

Reflection (Nocturne in C Minor)
November, 1959 - composed by D.W. Roberts


Flight Of The Bop Bee
March, 1962 - composed by Louis Gallo

A Meditation
January, 1963 - composed by Len Walker

Rocket In Orbit
August, 1963 - composed by Louis Gallo

Vamp In Swingtime
October, 1967 - composed by Eric R. Enderby

Over The Rainbow
August, 1969 - composed by Harold Arlen, arranged by Eric Kershaw


Troubled Teenager
September, 1971 - composed by Dundas K. Bedroll

March, 1972 - composed by Colin R. Tribe

June, 1975 - composed by L.H. Spickernell

v1.0: September, 2022 - initial release, 20 tunes
v2.0: December, 2022 - 20 more tunes added

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